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We’re glad you’re here!

We’ve started this blog to share more about our community, how we make our dresses, our adventures, and whatever else belongs on the Virginia Dare Dress Co blog. So we’d love to know, what kinds of posts would you find valuable here? Comment below for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

And if we haven’t met before…

We’re a dress & gifting company inspired by beauty, kindness, and adventure. 🪁

We provide timeless, classic styles for women who value beautiful dresses created with ethical manufacturing and high-quality fabrics and craftsmanship.

Each piece is made to last you for years to come and be a staple in your closet that you reach for again and again.

Wearing that perfect piece brings more joy and beauty to your day, but finding dresses that are classic, feminine, and versatile can be a challenge.

You should be 100% satisfied with the clothes you wear each day, and we offer free returns and exchanges for each of our products so you can have the right dress or blouse each time.

Every dress pattern is uniquely designed by us and we work directly with trusted factories in the US, South Korea, and India, while sourcing our own fabrics and one-of-a-kind prints.

To learn more about ethical manufacturing, watch The True Cost: A fashion documentary

Our Gifts

We make it easy to send “just because” gifts to your loved ones, faraway friends, and appreciated clients.

Our goal is to make beautiful gifting easy while still feeling personal & heartfelt!

Each of our gift box products are thoughtfully curated to provide you with a variety of delightful items to choose from when crafting just the right present.

Each gift is hand packaged and includes a personalized note written by one of our team members.

Thoughtful, beautiful gifting has never been so easy!

We’re excited to begin this blog!

➡️➡️ And we’d love to know, what kinds of posts would you find valuable here?

• Styling tips
• Travel/Adventure Inspiration
• Behind the Scenes/Education
• Community Features
• A mix of everything!
• Something else?

Tell us below in the comments for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

96 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. I agree with the comment about “behind the scenes” posts, a peek into who is involved and their “why”
    Also love travel/lifestyle inspiration!

  2. Styling tips for different outings and seasons sounds perfectly lovely! Travel/Adventure Inspiration and Behind the Scenes also sounds delightful!

  3. Styling each dress for a casual day out vs a dressier event with appropriate shoes, hats, purses, etc would be enjoyable. Also, seeing dresses on ladies of many ages and sizes is always encouraging.

  4. I would love any / all of those ideas you mentioned! Maybe some ideas like a cozy fall movie or book list, easy ways to romantize your life / and why, how to explore the town you live in and find new-to-you places, stories of proposals etc done in a VDdco dress

  5. Everything you post on IG is fascinating to me, so I’m sure I’d love any type of post you make! However, styling posts would have to be my absolute favorite. 🙂

  6. I love the thought of behind the scenes information and styling tips/tricks! Really though, a little bit of everything is quite nice <3

  7. I would love to see all of these! I also feel like having kindred spirit type activities would be cool. Maybe posts on a favorite recipe or flower arranging or something. the VDDCo life experience.

  8. Absolutely a mix of everything! In particular, I’d love behind the scenes most, especially of the products that go into the gift boxes. Those are my favorite of your IG stories to watch, where we learn more about the different candle scents, cookie flavors, etc and about the businesses you source from

  9. I have 5 dresses and love them ALL. I get compliments every time I wear them out. Grateful for such a classy and stylish place to shop! Looking forward to gleaning style tips. I usually study the dress pictures to come up with ideas.

    I have also ordered several of the gift boxes, etc. A go-to for unique and special gifts.

  10. I’m always excited to see the new things you have in store! I’d love to see sneak peaks, behind the scenes (inspiration for a dress, the design process/philosophy, things you’ve learned), and to get to know you all!

  11. I would love to see each of your favorite dresses and why you love them, why you feel confident in them, and your personal introductions! I would love to hear about each of your contributions to the company I love! 🤍🤍🤍

  12. I would like to learn more about the story behind/inspiration for each dress! For example, how did you decide on names for the dresses?

  13. I would love to see a mix of everything, but especially different styling tips for each of the dresses (and especially for maternity/nursing). I love my dresses, but feel like I get in a rut sometimes.

  14. Styling for everyday wear

    Music & book ideas for indoor days (I live in CO where outdoor adventures sometimes can’t involve a dress!)

    “A Day in the Life of a Kindred” featuring kindreds from all over the country (or globe!)—who they are, their favorite dress, what they do for a living and for fun, how they style their dress, etc.

  15. A mix of everything sounds lovely! I especially love your “dress adventures” idea! Definitely will be doing some with my girls!

  16. All the ideas sound great!

    I would love for y’all to design a maternity dress, that is also nursing friendly. So many of them are made with cheap and clingy fabrics. I have the Samantha wrap dress and I love it for nursing, but it would be great if it could also work better for an expanding pregnancy belly!

  17. I’d love to see styling inspiration and behind the scenes. I think it’s so encouraging to see other women in business and hear their stories, struggles, and successes along the way.

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